In this issue of Fresh FINDings, our colleagues from the International Rescue Committee and Women’s World Banking share findings and updates from their…
The Nexus Between Marginalization and Gang Conscription Amongst Refugee Youth
A Hope for a Home, Refuge? And Financial Biographies, Volume II.
In this issue of Fresh FINDings, A Hope for a Home: A brief compendium of financial journeys of refugees and asylum seekers in Jordan Please visit the…
Refuge?: Refugees’ Stories of Rebuilding their Lives in KenyaIn this issue of Fresh FINDings, we are excited to share our newest report titled Refuge? Refugees’ Stories of Rebuilding their Lives in Kenya P…
Stories from Migrants and Refugees
Understanding Financial Health of Refugees in Jordan and Five Key FINDings from the Finance in Displacement Studies
Joint Lessons Report Examining Financial Integration of Refugees in Jordan, Kenya, Mexico, and Uganda.
How do migrants and refugees rebuild their livelihoods, and what role does the host country have in their financial journeys?
Our November 2021 selection of monthly highlights & updates in case you missed them!
A digital immersion into the research and findings of The Journeys Project, examining every stage of migrant and refugees' journey and a discussion of…
A case study of Tunisia as destination and transit country