Journeys Project: Highlights & Updates

Our June 2021 selection of monthly highlights & updates in case you missed them!


Fletcher Leadership Program for Financial Inclusion: Reasons, Routes, Costs

This video traces the reasons people leave their country of origin, some of the routes they travel, and the costs of the journey. The information draws on Fletcher research in Latin America, the Mediterranean, as well as the Middle East and Africa.

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Migrants Hold onto Their Religious Identities for Emotional Support and to Build Networks Crucial to Their Journeys

“Thank God we were all together, and we had the Lord with us too. If God didn’t save us, then who did?”

Recognizing that religion plays a different role for each migrant, Lea Abi Zeid Daou & Nidisha Philip explore themes of religious significance in the migrant experience that surfaced during their fieldwork in Costa Rica.

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No Sweat—If You Are a Woman

“Even if it takes 40 or 50 years, I will realize my dreams.”

Madison Chapman examines the gendered experiences of migrants through stories of trauma, strength, and perseverance as shared by migrants interviewed in Columbia.

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Visual Journeys: Telling the Stories of the displaced through pictures

Anne E. Moses’ Visual Journeys artwork offers an illustrated portrayal of refugees’ insights, emotions, and challenges as they move toward their new homes.

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The Other Migration: The Financial Journeys of Asians and Africans Traveling through South and Central America Bound for the United States and Canada

“I felt as though we were intercepting marathon runners on mile eighteen; all they could remember was the hardship of their most recent, grueling mile while anticipating the trials of the next.”

This report summarizes the studies led by Kim Wilson, conducted in Costa Rica and Colombia in 2018 and 2019. It also draws on key informant interviews in the US. In total, the research team interviewed 87 migrants and refugees.

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