Journeys Project: Highlights & Updates

Our September 2021 selection of monthly highlights & updates in case you missed them!


The Other Migration, Part 1: Who and Why

As countries across the globe crack down on immigration, migrants and refugees are forced to uncover new travel routes in search of safety and stability. Charlie Bentley’s series, The Other Migration, examines the journey of migrants from Africa and Asia as they travel across the world to South America and up through Central America. Part one of this three-part series examines who is traveling on this migration route and why.

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“There’s (Not) an App for That” — Taking a Hard Look at the App-ification of Migration and the “Need” for New Technologies

Our job, on behalf of migrants, is to help existing technology go the distance.

Madison Chapman shares how her research suggests that in spite of efforts to “app-ify” migrant integration, the most useful digital tools for migrants are not “Migrant Tech” at all.

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First Syrians, Then You

“I did not know what Europe was nor where it was, but I knew I had to leave.”

Farzana shares her experience in camps after leaving Afghanistan with her children to save her eleven-year-old daughter from marriage to her family’s landlord.

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Visual Journeys: Hiding Places for Cash Along the Journey 

Anne E. Moses’ Visual Journeys artwork offers an illustrated portrayal of refugees’ insights, emotions, and challenges as they move toward their new homes.

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COVID-19 and refugees’ economic opportunities, financial services, and digital inclusion

“We…urge national governments and regulators, donors, humanitarians and financial service providers to address both structural and practical barriers to refugees’ financial and economic inclusion and consider their specific needs.”

This research report…finds that digital services such as mobile money can in theory be more accessible for refugees than standard bank accounts, in practice refugees continue to face barriers.

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