Journeys Project: Highlights & Updates

Our July 2021 selection of monthly highlights & updates in case you missed them!


Fletcher Leadership Program for Financial Inclusion: Financial Journeys

This video sheds light on how refugees and migrants finance their journeys and how they manage their money while en route. The information draws on Fletcher research in Latin America, the Mediterranean and the Middle East and Africa.

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Shifting Roles in Refugee Livelihoods

Men felt pressure to be the breadwinners for their entire family, as they had been in their home countries…. Women, on the other hand, though constrained by the demands of childcare, appeared more adaptable in the face of limited options.

Catherine Wanjala shares an analysis of shifting gender roles as displaced households struggle to master their unfamiliar surroundings.


Mobile Money and Financial Inclusion of Refugees in Jordan—Hope or Hype?

Could we think of how mobile wallets could be made relevant to refugees’ ability to generate income and improve resilience?

Electronic financial accounts through mobile wallets may be a strong choice for some who have both technological and legal resources necessary to access funds. But, for refugees in Jordan who are largely excluded from humanitarian aid and excluded from obtaining necessary identification documents, mobile wallets could still be molded into a useful tool to support livelihoods. Swati Mehta Dhawan and Hans-Martin Zademach explore this perspective in the context of Jordan.

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In the Jungle, Everyone Believes in God

“Even if it takes 40 or 50 years, I will realize my dreams.”

Sunny and Dharampreet are two enthusiastic young men who left their families to make something of themselves. They appeared determined to stick together along with the rest of their group in the journey ahead. After multiple flights through Moscow, Milan, and Brazil, they arrived in Ecuador, where they began making the dangerous journey north to the United States.

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Mapping Migrant Journeys

The distances covered by migrants throughout their journeys can be unimaginable. María Teresa Nagel’s maps provide helpful visual perspectives of the vast distances covered in a single journey of a migrant traveling from their home through South and Central America.

A man struggles through nine countries and later chooses to return home: part 2.

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Financial Journey of Refugees: Evidence from Greece, Jordan, and Turkey

The overwhelming refrain in response to our questions about what refugees brought with them on their journeys was “just the clothes on my back.”

This report summarizes the studies led by Kim Wilson in Greece, Jordan, and Turkey where the research team interviewed 120 refugees and 33 key informants, conducted observation at refugee camps and shelters, informal refugee settlements, money transfer offices, and other locations.

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